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Why is MICRODIA mostly only in airports & duty-free shops?

Exploring the world is now more tech-savvy than ever. Leading by increasing demand of compact yet multifunctional travel gadgets to make lives on the road more accessible and enjoyable, MICRODIA's products, with international warranty coverage, become available at airports and duty-free shops due to their space-saving sizes which do not add bulk to baggage and wide range of compatible plug types for grab-and-go for frequent travelers who mix work with travel or leisure goers.

The quest for the best travel gadgets often begins with reliable, compact and safe tech accessories. Product safety is a top priority for MICRODIA from R&D to production also,  convenience and portability are other critical aspects during our product design stage. In respects of these features, MICRODIA’s products are welcome at airports and duty-free stores. However, the brand is also an authorized seller on major e-commerce platforms like Amazon in the US, UK, Japan, and more, to reach a broader global customer base beyond just travel retail locations.

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