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ExeCable™ Steel PD60W Charge & Sync Cable


Can I use this cable to charge my laptop?
Yes, this cable supports up to 60W power delivery which allows it to charge most laptops at full speed.

Will the stainless steel damage my phone ports?
No, the connector ends are made of durable aluminum which will not damage USB-C ports.

Is this cable more durable than regular cables?
Yes, the stainless steel exterior provides extra protection against bending and breaks compared to regular plastic cables.


If your MICRODIA ExeCable SteelPD60W Charge & Sync Cable is not working:

  • Check that both ends are firmly plugged into devices and power adapter.
  • Wiggle the connectors to ensure a tight connection.
  • Try using a different USB-C cable to isolate if the issue is with this specific cable.
  • Make sure the power adapter is functioning properly by testing with a different cable.

ExeCable™ Shoelace PD60W Charge & Sync Cable


Is the fabric protective? 
Yes, the dura-braided fabric protects the cable from abrasion and damage while remaining flexible. 

Will this cable coils/tangles easily? 
No, the shoelace style keeps the cable untangled and easy to manage during transport. 

Does the fabric feel durable? 
Yes, it has a tough yet smooth finish that won't fray or tear easily from normal use.


If your MICRODIA ExeCable SteelPD60W Charge & Sync Cable is not working:

  • Check for any cuts or nicks on the cable jacket that could expose inner wires. 
  • Make sure connectors are pushed all the way into ports without any gaps. 
  • Try cleaning dust/debris from ports using compressed air which may help connectivity issues. 
  • Switch to a different cable or charger as a test to narrow down the problematic component.

X.Power Octopus Qi-Certified Quick Charge Wireless Power Bank


What devices can I charge with it?
You can charge most smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth headphones, and other USB-powered devices using the USB ports. Wireless charging is also supported for compatible Qi devices.

Can I use it to wirelessly charge through phone cases?
Wireless charging may not work if the phone has a thick or bulky case. The case material needs to be thin enough to allow electromagnetic waves to pass through.

How do I know if my phone supports wireless charging?
Check your phone manual or specifications online to confirm it has integrated Qi wireless charging compatibility. Look for mentions of "wireless charging" or "Qi charging". Many newer flagship phones support it.

My phone says it has wireless charging but it's not working, what should I do?
Make sure the wireless charging option is enabled in your phone's settings. Sometimes it needs to be turned on. Settings > Battery > Wireless charging. Also check for any firmware updates for your phone.

How do I make sure the battery pack is fully charged before using it? 
When you first receive it, fully charge the battery using the included micro USB cable and charger until the LED indicator turns solid blue, which usually takes 4-5 hours. This ensures maximum battery level for wireless charging your phone.

How do I check battery level?
Blue LED lights indicate charge level (1=25%, 4=100%).

What orientation do I need to place my phone on the battery pack?
Centre the back of your phone on the battery pack's charging surface so the wireless charging coils inside line up properly. The position may need slight adjusting for optimal power transfer. Don't fully reload your phone immediately—wait until the charging animation begins.

Troubleshooting Guide:

Wireless charging not working

  • Confirm the Qi receiver coil in power bank and device are aligned 
  • Make sure there are no thick/metallic obstructions between devices 
  • Try cleaning both wireless charging surfaces with dry microfiber cloth 
  • Ensure wireless charging is enabled on phone 
  • Ensure power bank is charged

Wired charging not working
  • Wiggle the cable while charging to check for loose connection 
  • Dust/lint in charging ports can block connection 
  • Use another cable 
  • Ensure power bank is charged

Power Bank not charging
  • Ensure charger is plugged in and working 
  • Ensure proper, undamaged cable 
  • Use another charging socket/wall socket 
  • Use a different charging cable

X.Power Colors of Nature 10000mAh Power Bank

For all other portable power banks with wireless charging capabilities


What devices are compatible with wireless charging?
Most recent smartphones that support the Qi wireless charging standard, such as iPhone 8 and newer, Samsung Galaxy S8 and newer.

How fast is wireless charging?
Wireless charging speeds vary from 5W up to 15W depending on the power bank. It's slower than wired but more convenient.

Can I use the wired charging ports too?
Yes, high-power charging protocols like USB-PD allow rapidly charging most devices via the USB-C/Lightning/USB-A ports too.


  • Check that wireless charging is enabled in your phone's battery settings 
  • Make sure there is nothing obstructing contact between phone and charging area 
  • Clean any debris from the charging surfaces of both devices 
  • Verify good contact between phone charging coils and power bank 
  • Use the wired ports to test charging other devices to check power bank health 
  • Contact manufacturer support for any persistent charging or connection issues

CRYSTAL™ High Transparency Protective Case & CRYSTAL GEAR iPhone Case


Does it provide drop protection?
Yes, the multilayer design with aluminum and TPU materials protects against drops while maintaining high clarity.

Will it fit perfectly on my iPhone 15?
Yes, CRYSTAL cases are designed specifically for great fitment on each iPhone model for a seamless look and feel.

Is the clarity diminished over time?
No, the PC and TPU materials maintain 98% transparency and clarity over the life of the case with no yellowing.


If your MICRODIA ExeCable SteelPD60W Charge & Sync Cable is not working:

  • Check all corners and edges for cracks or splitting that could compromise protection.
  •  Make sure none of the case layers have come loose which could cause fitment issues.
  • Gently wipe with a microfiber cloth to remove any debris or lens grit that affects clarity.
  •  Contact customer support if the issue persists after ensuring proper fitment.

SCREENGUARD Screen Protector


How easy is application and removal?
The self-adhesive design ensures easy bubble-free application and removal without leaving residue.

Will it protect against drops and scratches?
Yes, the 0.33mm tempered glass provides protection against scratches from level 6 objects on the Mohs hardness scale and protects against drops.

Will it affect touch sensitivity?
No, the screen protector's ultra-thin and rounded edges don't interfere with touch or gesture controls.


  • Ensure phone screen is clean and dry before application
  • Check for dirt, debris, or damage that may impact touch/display quality
  • Replace protector if cracked or heavily scratched for continued protection



What devices can it charge?
It can quickly charge most mobile devices including phones, tablets, and laptops with USB-C or USB-A ports thanks to the GaN and QC/PD charging protocols.

Will it work in all countries?
Yes, the built-in international sockets make it compatible with over 205 countries' power outlets without the need for adapters.

Is it safe to bring while traveling?
Yes, it has multiple protections like over-current, over-charging, and over-heating to ensure safe charging anywhere in the world.


  • Check that the socket clicks securely into the wall outlet
  • Try an alternative cable or charging port if one is not working
  • Make sure devices being charged support Quick Charge/Power Delivery specs
  • Verify correct voltage/frequency is being supplied by testing with another charger
  • Clean contacts/ports if recognizing certain devices improperly
  • Contact support if issue persists after ensuring proper fitting and connections

SMARTCube™ Nano Wall Chargers


What types of devices can they charge?
The range of charging outputs allows charging of most portable electronics including phones, tablets, headphones, smartwatches, and some laptops.

Are they safe to leave plugged in overnight?
Yes, the multiple layer safety certifications and Shield NanoTech ensure safe overnight or prolonged charging without overheating.

Do they help extend battery lifespan?
Yes, the SmartAI™ technology monitors charging in real time to minimize battery degradation for longer lasting battery health.


  • Check all cable/port connections are fully seated
  • Try using a different cable to rule out any faults
  • Make sure device is supported by the charger's power output
  • Contact support if overheating issues to address promptly

Other MICRODIA Wireless Chargers


What devices are compatible with wireless charging?
Most recent smartphones that support the Qi wireless charging standard include iPhones 8 and above, and Samsung Galaxy S8 and above.

Can I use the USB-C port to charge other devices?
Yes, the USB-C port allows charging other devices like headphones, portable chargers, tablets, etc that support USB-C PD charging.

How fast is wireless charging?
Wireless charging speeds range from 5W to 15W depending on the charger and device. It's slower than wired charging but more convenient.


  • Make sure the phone's wireless charging function is turned on in battery settings
  • Check for liquid, stickers, or thick cases that may obstruct charging coils
  • Clean both the charger and phone charging areas of dust/debris
  • Adjust the device position on the charger for the best charging efficiency
  • Try resetting charger by unplugging if recognition/charging issues occur
  • Use included USB-C cable to check charger output by charging another device
  • Contact manufacturer support for any persistent issues after troubleshooting
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