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Power Perfect; Which MICRODIA Power Bank is Right for Me?

Power Perfect; Which MICRODIA Power Bank is Right for Me? - MICRODIA

Power banks are a ubiquitous part of our everyday carry (EDC), so much so that no longer is it just another generic mobile accessory, but much like our choice of smartphone, an integral part of our style and fashion sense. So, choosing a power bank is just as important as choosing your outfit, but it's not just what's on the outside that counts, the invisible innards of our chosen power pack need to meet the demands of both our mobile phone and our daily lives too. So, if you want to know just what goes into a power bank and how to choose the best one, read on.

How they work

A power bank is essentially a battery-powered charger that you can carry with you and plug into your phone (or other mobile device, even a laptop) to recharge it when you are on the move or away from an electrical power outlet. Usually consisting of a battery in a housing with a power switch and USB output, it can be recharged once empty using the same wall charger you'd charge your phone with.

Modern power banks range in size from the teeny tiny 5000mAh, usually good for a single charge, up to the gigantic 27000mAh or more, which is often powerful enough to charge a laptop, mobile phone, and more, multiple times.   

As power banks have advanced, they now also feature wireless charging technology so you can charge your compatible smartphone or other device without any clumsy wires.  

Some come with built-in stands, LED displays, and even flashlights!  

How to choose one  

Your choice of power bank is really determined by the type of devices you want to power, how much power you need, and how many devices you have. If you are a simple person with just a single, simple smartphone, a 5000mAh to 10000mAh power bank should be more than enough to fulfill your needs. Keep in mind that the higher the capacity of the power bank, the bigger it will be. However, a smaller capacity power bank will be less cumbersome but will need recharging more often.   

If you have a flagship phone with a large-capacity battery, wireless charging, or MagSafe capabilities, you should look at a more advanced power bank. A 10000mAh power bank with an LED display is a good start because you can see how much juice you have left. On top of that, you should consider how many outputs it has, in case you want to charge more than one device at the same time.

Then of course there's the wireless and MagSafe capabilities; if your phone supports wireless charging or is MagSafe capable, then you can take a look at higher-end power banks featuring these technologies.   

Finally, don't forget the monster power banks of 20000mAh or more if you need to power your laptop on the go! Most modern laptops support USB-C charging and therefore can be recharged, even if just a little bit, from a decent power bank.  

Our range  

It probably sounds a little overwhelming, all the options presented to you here; but if you know your charging needs (which I'm sure you now do), then MICRODIA has you covered with a complete range of power banks from the mini to the mega!  

For the entry-level mobile phone user who just needs a little extra juice in case of emergencies without losing precious luggage space, POWERPack™ Nano Traveler 10W Mini 5000mAh Power Bank is the way to go. With a perfectly powerful 5000mAh capacity and supporting 10W charging output, it will recharge your mobile phone fully, and quickly.

Quickly stepping up into the flagship area, considering that MagSafe has been deployed on iPhones since the iPhone 12, the SNAPPower™ Anchor Magnetic Wireless Power Bank with a 10000mAh capacity is the go-to for most mobile phone users who need portable power every day. Featuring wireless charging and a powerful magnetic connection, you’ll never be a victim of the dreaded 0% battery ever again.  

And then one for the connoisseurs; if you like luxury and choice, the SNAPPower™ Aluminaire LCD Magnetic Wireless Power Bank in two capacity options of 10000mAh (93W) or 20000mAh (158W) along with Wireless charging and magnetic attachment, featuring an LCD is the only option. Power up your mobile phone multiple times over or recharge your earbuds and even your MacBook with the enormous 20000mAh battery capacity.

Final Say 

While modern smartphone users are spoiled for choice when it comes to power banks, that choice shouldn't have to be difficult or confusing. With MICRODIA’s complete range of power banks, there's something to suit every kind of consumer, just visit our online store and take a look for yourself!

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