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MICRODIA Returns to Qatar Bigger and Better than Ever

MICRODIA Returns to Qatar Bigger and Better than Ever - MICRODIA

MICRODIA is extremely pleased to announce its re-entry into the Qatari market after a short hiatus due to the unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic, which temporarily halted operations in FNAC, Virgin Megastores, Apple APR, Apple AAR, Doha Airport Duty-Free, and a number of independent retailers.   

While geographically small, Qatar is an exceedingly important market. As the wealthiest country on the planet with the highest GDP per capita of any nation, Qatar is mission-critical for MICRODIA. As such, our local office and local distributors have been given the mandate to reenter all market channels more wholly and vigorously than ever before.   

In partnership with preeminent local market leaders Darwish Holding and Ali Bin Ali, MICRODIA intends to reenter, recapture, and reinvigorate the retail landscape with cutting-edge products and customer service exceeding the expectations of the highly selective Qatari clientele.   

MICRODIA’s dedication to endless innovation, as well as the needs of its customers and the discerning taste of the Qatari consumer, means that this is only the beginning of the next leg of what is to be a memorable, lifelong partnership between MICRODIA and Qatar.  

Shukran Jazeelan, we look forward to serving you, and we’ll see you in Qatar!

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