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Fast, Safe Charging with MICRODIA’s SmartAI™ Technology

Fast, Safe Charging with MICRODIA’s SmartAI™ Technology

MICRODIA is known for developing patented charging solutions that deliver both high-speed power and enhanced safety. One of their flagship innovations is SmartAI™, an intelligent charging algorithm that optimizes the charging process from start to finish.


SmartAI™ was designed to be compatible with all major fast-charging standards like Qualcomm Quick Charge, USB-C Power Delivery, and Apple/Samsung protocols. This universal compatibility means it can rapidly charge a wide range of devices, from smartphones to laptops, using only a single USB-C port.


High-Speed Performance


Through its sophisticated multi-stage approach, SmartAI™ is capable of charging supported devices from 0% to 50% capacity in just 30 minutes. It can output an incredible 200W of power via USB-C, which is over 40 times greater than a standard 5W charger. Such high-powered capabilities allow devices to charge up to 4x faster than conventional chargers.


Safe and Smart Stages


The secret to SmartAI™’s safe fast charging lies in its ability to intelligently adjust current levels throughout the charging process. It employs three distinct phases – bulk, absorption, and float – to optimize charging speed while minimizing battery degradation.


In the bulk stage, a large current bulk charges drained batteries without risk of overheating. Once the battery hits 80%, the current tapers in absorption to complete charging more gradually. Finally, float charging gently tops off the last few percent to 100% without overcharging.


Overall Safety First


In addition to its multi-stage approach, SmartAI™ integrates multiple smart chips that monitor temperature, current, and voltage levels. Comprehensive safety measures protect connected devices from common threats like overcurrent, overcharging, and overheating.

According to MICRODIA’s research, SmartAI™ can extend battery lifespan by as much as 30% compared to typical fast charging. Its focus on optimizing each charging session delivers the maximum benefits of quick fueling without compromising long-term battery health or safety.


Revolutionary Fast Charging


Whether rapidly powering up a low battery or topping off a device for extended use, SmartAI™ offers a clear path forward for universal, high-speed charging. By marrying increased power delivery with innovative safety protections, it empowers seamless fast charging that users can trust completely.


MICRODIA continues advancing SmartAI™ and applying its groundbreaking smart charging capabilities across an expanding portfolio of portable power solutions. Their technology ensures fast fueling never comes at the cost of reliability, longevity, or hazards like dangerous overheating. It is truly revolutionary in making super-fast charging accessible yet risk-free for devices of all kinds.

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